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Hearing is a cognitive process that takes information acquired through your ears (and eyes) to assemble the world you see and hear. Our goal is to improve the quality of information your brain has to work with.

The facts
The scientific literature has provides many places where you can find out more. Here's our list.

Beginning with a recent series in Vox by science reporter Julia Belluz, we provide a small tour through some other sources we think you will find informative.

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What causes hearing loss?

There is no one cause for hearing loss. In some cases, there is an underlying medical explanation, but generally this is something that occurs naturally with age. It can also be a result of being exposed to loud noises, especially over time. Gradual onset often means that only 25% of people those who have significant hearing loss seek help.

Do I need a hearing aid?

Or perhaps, more precisely, do you want a hearing aid. If your hearing is impaired to the point of missing out on jokes, normal conversation, the orders issued by your boss at the last meeting, you probably do. The marvel of today’s technology means you have a lot of options – from powerful devices, to invisible appliances with smartphone and bluetooth capabilities. (Yes, hands-free telelphone use is a thing. A very good thing.)

How we help you decide

The first step is to find out if you have a measurable loss or impairment. Beyond the generic online quiz, a visit to our clinic will give you a clear and precise answer, the kind of answer upon which you can base a decision. Because we carry a wide range of solutions from leading manufacturers, we can demonstrate various solutions – and in some cases, provide a no-obligation trial.


About Boston Hearing Associates

Boston Hearing Associates is a practice specializing in state-of-the-art audiology. From testing, to device selection, and orientation, our goal is to optimize your hearing to experience the most complete and correct speech information. As an independent practice, we provide highly personalized service. And results.

Dayna Weinstein

Principal & Audiologist

For over three decades, I have built up a fully-licensed audiology practice, exclusively focused on helping people achieve healthy and optimal hearing. We are current with the latest technology, and deal only with proven, reliable brands. We accept a wide variety of insurances, corporate and public, including Medicare.

Proven Technology

Advanced technology is affordable under Medicare

Hearing aids are not only smaller and better, but they can now be connected to a universe of your personal electronics – not only can you hear better, your devices will interact with you, too. And only you. The technology is growing (and the devices shrinking) so rapidly, we strongly encourage you to schedule a visit.  Seeing (and hearing) is believing.

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