What we do

Well, for one thing, we fill out a lot of paperwork – to make things as easy for you as possible.

More importantly, we provide a careful evaluation of your needs. Once you arrive in our office, we want you to be treated well….and treated correctly. After all, you may not need what you fear, a hearing aid of some sort. On the other hand, you need not fear that that might be the case. Our first goal is to remove the fear factor.

Depending on your individual situation – and they are all individual situations – services include comprehensive hearing evaluations, specialized diagnostic testing, and industrial hearing screenings. We follow up with the appropriate post-evaluative service with a goal of rehabilitation, and in some cases, prevention of hearing impairment. This ‘follow up’ phase may include some form of a hearing aid or other audiological solution. (Sometimes, it’s merely removing cerumen – ear wax. Seriously.)

If a hearing instrument is required, we not only help with selection and even a trial periods, we also provide ongoing support, counseling and service of the hearing system

Choosing a hearing professional is important because there are no out of the box solutions such as with eyeglass prescriptions. Hearing aid recommendation and fitting is highly dependent on the judgment and skill of the practitioner. So why not choose one with more than three decades of highly-recommended service.


  • Hearing enhancement
  • Adult Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Tinnitis¬† Causes / Treatment
  • Bluetooth Hearing aids
  • Hearing aid evaluation
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Hearing aid repair
  • Cell Phone Accessories
  • Custom earmolds and earplugs
  • Musicians earplugs and monitors
  • Pediatric audiology